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Important Foreign authors and Books

Foreign Words and Phrases- English 

Head of Important Government Organisations

Important Committees of Indian Constituent Assembly

Famous Musical Instrument Players in India

List of Important Awards and Related Fields

India Major Crops-Kharif,Rabi,Zaid

Latest Bank Rates,Repo Rate,Reverse Repo Rate,MLF,CRR,SLR

List of Current Chief Ministers of Indian States

Dynasties and Founders in Medieval India  

Nicknames of Indian Freedom Fighters

Agricultural Revolutions-Red,Green,Blue,White,Round

Newspapers and Journals by Freedom Fighters

Books by Indian Freedom Fighters

Books by Indian Presidents

List of Joint Military Operations with other countries 

Social Welfate Schemes- GK Questions

India Booker Prize Winners List

Indian subcontinent countries -List

Tropic of Cancer Passing States in India

Rajya Sabha- Study Notes-Upper House of Indian Parlaiment

Top 10 Largest Countries in the World  

1857 Rebellion -Leaders at Various Places

Important Lakes in India- Features,Location

Comptroller and Auditor General of India

Important Sports Trophies and games

British India Governor Generals and Viceroys

Mughal Dynasty - Medieval India GK Questions

Scandinavian Countries List and Memory trick

Books by Indian Sports Stars

Computer Abbrevations

Important National Parks and Bird Sanctuaries in India

20 Important Stock Exchanges of Countries,Headquarters

List of National and International Days- for Exam Study

Nicknames of Indian cities- List

British Governor Generals,Viceroys-Important related incidents

Indian Rivers and Origin Places

UNESCO: 32 Heritage Sites in India-List

Indian Constituion Borrowed Features -List

Important Border Lines Between Countries

Indian Airforce Commands and Headquarters

Scientific Instruments and Uses
List of Important Branches of Biology
Cell Organelles and its Fuctions
Vitamins - Scientific Names- Deficiency Diseases
List of of Human Diseases caused by Bacteria,Virus,Fungi,Protozoa
Human Body oarts and Affected Body Parts
Solar System Questions and Answers
Lens and Mirrors- Convex,concave,cylindrical, spherical

Kerala GK- 100 Facts
Chattampi Swamikal
Kerala Rivers- Study Notes for PSC and Questions
Newspapers and Magazines by Kerala Renaissance Leaders
List of Kerala Renaissance Movements -Founders and Years
Kerala Renaissance Leaders and Birth places
National Parks in Kerala- Features,Animals- For Exam Study
Kerala History Timeline -Struggles,Revolts,Satyagrahas
Kerala Smallest,Largest,Longest,Biggest 
2011 Kerala Census- Important Facts
Kerala State Symbols-Tree, Flower,Animal,Bird etc
Important Dramas in Malayalam
Kerala Ministers List 2016
First Kerala Ministry (1957-1959)
Pennames of Malayalam Writers
Palaces in Kerala
Kerala Kings- Questions and Answers
Travancore Kings,Queens - Study Notes

GK Cards

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