Kerala Tourism General Knowledge Questions

India's first International Tourism police station was started at:
Answer: Mattancherry

Which is the First state in India to declare tourism as an industry?
Answer: Kerala

Government of Kerala declared tourism as an industry in the year:
Answer: 1986

Which is the first model Fisheries tourist village in Kerala?
Answer: Kumbalangi

First eco-friendly tourist village in India?
Answer: Kumbalangi

First pilgrim centre in India to be accorded international status by the Holy See?
Answer: Malayatoor

Which is the first planned eco-tourism destination in India?
Answer: Thenmala

Thenmala Eco-Tourism destination is in which district in kerala?
Answer: Kollam

Asia's first butterfly safari park situated at :
Answer: Thenmala

First community tourism programme in Kerala:
Answer; Munroe island, Kollam

The first lion safari park in Kerala:
Answer: Neyyar

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