Acharya J B Kripalani (1888-1982)

  • J B Kripalani was a Gandhian socialist, environmentalist, mystic and independence activist.
  • Kripalani moved the first-ever No confidence motion on the floor of the Lok Sabha in August 1963, against the government immediately after the defeat in India-China War.
  • J B Kripalani was the President of Indian National Congress during the transfer of power in 1947. 
  • Kripalani left the Congress and became one of the founders of the Kisan Mazdoor Praja Party.
  • He was elected to the Lok Sabha in 1952, 1957, 1963 and 1967 as a member of Praja Socialist Party.
  •  His wife Sucheta Kripalani first female Chief Minister in India. She was chief minister of Uttar Pradesh from 1963 to 1967.
  • In the 1982 film Gandhi by Richard Attenborough, J.B. Kripalani was played by Indian actor Anang Desai.

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