Surendranath Banerjee (1848-1925) - Rahstraguru

  • Surendranath Banerjee was born in 1848 in Kolkata,  West Bengal.

  • He cleared the Indian Civil Service exam, but wasn't allowed to work due to racial discrimination.
  • Surendranath Banerjee  founded the Indian National Association along with Anandamohan Bose in 1876 to bring Hindus and Muslims together for political action.
  • Surendranath also founded Indian National Liberation Federation.
  • Merged the INA with the Indian National Congress in 1886 because of their common goals.
  • In 1879, he founded the newspaper, The Bengalee.
  • Surendranath Bannerjee was the first Indian person to be arrested for journalism.
  • Founded the Ripon College (Now called Surendranath College) in Kolkata in 1882.
  • He was also known by the sobriquet Rashtraguru.
  • He was elected as the INC President in 1895 at Poona and in 1902 at Ahmedabad.
  • A Nation in Making- is the book by Surendranath Banerjee.
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His work had a very great impact on the lives of many people and was able to give hope and faith in the best to those who have almost completely lost it.

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