Kerala GK Questions - 1960 to 1970 - Facts about Kerala

Who got the first best film actor award instituted by Govt of Kerala in 1969?
-Sathyan (for Kadalpalam) 

Who got the first Best Actress Award in the Kerala State Film Awards 1=in 1969?
- Sheela (for her role in Kallichellamma)

Who led the formation of Kerala Congress in 1964?
-KM George

Cochin Port Trust was brought into existence in:

The President’s rule was imposed for the second time in kerala in :

The only occasion in Kerala history in which none of the political parties could form a government after the election and President’s rule continued in the State:

The lengthiest President’s rule in kerala was ended in:

G Sankarakurup got the first Gyanpeet Award for ‘Odakkuzhal’ for the year:

KSRTC was brought into existence in:

Thumba Rocket launching station was started funtioning in:

To which organisation, Thumba Rocket Launching Station was dedicated in 1968?

Malappuram district was formed on :
 16 June 1969.

The second university of Kerala, the Calicut University  started fuctioning in:

The Kerala Sashtra Sahitya Parishad was formed at Kozhikode in:

Sarada got national award for best actor in 1968 for the film:

EMS became the chief minister of Kerala for the second time in the year:
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