Cashless India - Latest General Knowledge Questions

Name the mobile app launched by Union Government to make digital payments easier?
Answer: BHIM

Who headed the Committee on Digital Payments constituted by the Ministry of Finance and Department of Economic Affairs?
Answer: Ratan P Watal

Which state government launched its own e-wallet – 'Toka Paisa' in order to promote cashless transactions in the state?
Answer: Assam

Which became India's first Digital Village?
Answer: Akodara, Gujarat

Which bank adopted Akodara village under its Digital Village Project in 2015 and made cashless by adopting digital technology?
Answer: ICICI Bank

Which was declared as the first cashless village in South India?
Answer: Ibrahimpur, Telangana

Which lake island in Manipur, has become the country's first cashless island?
Answer: Karang

Which was declared as the first digital and cashless tribal colony in the country?
Answer: Nedumkayam, Malappuram district in kerala

Which place became India's first cashless region?
Answer: Daman and Diu

India's first cashless temple town?
Answer: Yadadri, Telangana

Which Indian state will become the first state in India to go cashless?
Answer: Goa

Who has been awarded ‘Scroll of Honor’ by Government of India (GoI) for promoting cashless transactions?
Answer: Gaurav Goyal, the district collector of Ajmer

'Digital Dakiya or Digital Postman' scheme has been launched in which state government to encourage cashless transactions?
Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Which bank recently launched the aadhaar-linked cashless merchant solution “Aadhaar Pay” that uses a retailers’ smartphone to enable digital payments?
Answer: IDFC Bank

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