Sucheta Kriplani - India's first Woman Chief Minister

  • Sucheta Kriplani was born in Ambala, Punjab in 1908.
  • She was a Professor of Constitutional History at Banaras Hindu University/
  • In 1936, she married Acharya Kriplani, a prominent figure of the Indian National Congress.
  • On 14 August 1947 she sang Vande Mataram in the Independence Session of the Constituent Assembly, a few minutes before Nehru delivered his famous "Tryst with Destiny" speech.
  • Sucheta Kriplani became the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in 1963, the first woman to hold that position in any Indian state.
J.B Kriplani popularly known as Acharya Kripalani, was an Indian politician, noted particularly for holding the presidency of the Indian National Congress during the transfer of power in 1947.

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