Human Blood- General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Facts about human body for PSC,SSC, UPSC and other competitive Exams
Biology Questions for Exams

1. The percentage of water in blood plasma by volume?

2. pH of blood?

3. Viscosity of blood?

4. The process of formation of blood cells?

5. Average Life span of Human RBC?

6. The cells that are responsible for the production of antiboides?

7. The anti-coagulant present in blood is:

8. Largest WBC?

9. Graveyard of RBC?

10. The process of formation of RBC is called ?

11. The chemical used as anti-coagulant for storage of blood in Blood banks?

12. The vitamin necessary for blood coagulation?

13. Study of blood?

14. The instrument used to measure haemoglobin count?

15. The instrument used to determine RBC count?

16. The process of formation of WBC?

17. The ABO blood group system was discovered in the year 1900 by:

18. The Rh, or rhesus, factor was discovered in 1940 by:

19. The disease which causes abnormal and uncontrolled increase in WBC count?

20. Abnormal increase in erythrocyte count is:

21. The abnormal decrease in WBC count caused by folic acid deficiency is called:

22. Life span of WBC?

23. The decrease in the total amount of Red Blood Cells (RBCs) or hemoglobin in the blood:

24. The pale-yellow liquid that squeezes from wound after the clotting of blood?

25. Which metallic element is present in haemoglobin?

26. Which disease is also known as Christmas disease?

27. World Haemophila day is observed on:

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