Vaghbhatananda (1885-1939) Renaissance of Kerala -Leaders

Vagbhatananda was born in 1885 in Kannur.
His father was Koran Vaidyar.

Vagbhatananda Guru, was a disciple of Sree Narayana Guru.
He followed the path of Adwaitha of Sankara.

A rationalist, Vaghbhatananda adopted Raja Ram Mohun Roy as the ideal model for his social action.
His real name was V.K.Gurukkal. The name ‘Vagbhatananda’ was given by Sivayogi of Alathur.

Vagbhatananda established a Sanskrit learning centre called Tatwa prakashika in 1906 at Karaparamba in Calicut.
He started Rajayogananda Kaumudi Yogashala at Kallai in 1911.
In 1917, he founded Atmavidhya Sangham at karakkad,Vadakara.
In 1921 he started the publication ‘Abhinava Kerala’.
Later, he edited another journal ‘Atmavidhya Kahalam’
The treatise ‘Atmavidhya’ composed by Vagbhatananda was the manifesto of Atmavidhya Sangham.
Through the Atmavidhya Sangham he campaigned against drug abuse and caste system.
He denounced caste barriers and idol worship and exhorted his followers to abjure
such practices.
He also campaigned vigorously against addiction to liquor and championed the cause of prohibition.
The teachings of Vagbhatananda helped to strengthen the base of the nationalist movement particularly in north Kerala.

He passed away in 1939.
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