Planets - Solar System GK Questions

1. The total number of the planets in the Solar System is: ?
Ans. Eight

2. Which celestial body was excluded from the list of planets on August 24, 2006 by the International Astronomical Union ?
Ans. Pluto

3. Where is the headquarters of the International Astronomical Union?
Ans. Paris

4. After which mythological characters names did the Solar Systems planets are named?
Ans. The Gods of Olympics

5. What is the number of the recognized dwarf planets in the solar system?
Ans. Five

6. Which are the terrestrial planets?
Ans. Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars

7. Which is the smallest planet?
Ans. Mercury

8. Which planet is the nearest to the Sun?
Ans. Mercury

9. The Mercury orbits the Sun once in about ......... Earth days?
Ans. 88

10. Which planet was studied by the MESSENGER mission?
Ans. Mercury

11. Which is the largest known crater in Mercury ?
Ans. Caloris Basin

12. Which planet in the Solar System are devoid of natural satelllites?
Ans. Mercury and Venus

13. When a planet comes between the Sun and the Earth, it is called .........?
Ans. Transit

14. The last transit of the Mercury occured on .........?
Ans. November 8, 2006

15. Which was the first spacecraft to visit Mercury?
Ans. Mariner-10

16. Which is the brightest planet?

17. Which planet is often called as ‘the Morning Star and the Evening Star’?
Ans. Venus

18. Which planet is also known as ‘Earth’s Sister or Twin Planet’?
Ans. Venus

19. Which gas is the main component of the atmosphere of Venus?
Ans. Carbon Dioxide

20. Which planet’s surface feature’s are named after historical and mythological women?
Ans. Venus

21. Which is the hottest planet?
Ans. Venus

22. Which planet’s day is longer than its year?
Ans. Venus

23. When was the last Venus Transit occurred?
Ans. June 6, 2012

24. The mean distance between the Sun and Earth is known as:
Ans. Astronomical Unit

25. In which planet the Sun rises in the West and sets in the East?
Ans. Venus

26. Which planet is closest to the Earth?
Ans. Venus

27. Which planet is named after the Roman God of War?
Ans. Mars

28. Which is the Red Planet?
Ans. Mars

29. Which is the highest mountain within the Solar System?
Ans. Olympus Mons

30. What gives the red-orange appearance of the Martian surface?
Ans. Iron Oxide
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