Indian Geography - General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Basic Geography Objective Questions for Exams

1. Northernmost point which is under Indian administration is:

2. Longest river originating in India?

3. Highest peak of Himalayas in India?

4. Oldest mountain range in India?

5. Highest peak in the Western Ghats?

6. The highest peak in this range in Aravalli range?

7. India's most populous island?

8. The Andamans are separated from the Nicobar group by the channel:

9. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is located at:

10. Valley of Flowers National Park is situated in the state:

11. Kolar Gold Fields are in the state?

12. Mount Abu is a popular hill station in which state?

13. The mountain pass that connects the Indian state of Sikkim with Tibet?

14. The river flowing through Thar desert?

15. Simlipal Biosphere Reserve is in the state?

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