India Postage Stamps and Postal Facts-GK Questions

Important Questions on Indian Stamps, Postal Systems, Postal history

1. Where was the first Post Office opened in India in 1727?:

2. Asia's first adhesive stamp, the Scinde Dawk, was introduced in:

3. When did the first General Post Office opened in India?

4. World's highest post office is located in :

5. How many postal index number zones India has been divided into?

6. Headquarters of India post is situated at?

7. First Stamp of Independent India was issued on 21 November 1947. It depicts:

8. First Indian king to be depicted on an Indian stamp:

9. The National Philatelic Museum of India is situated in:

10. How many digits are there in Postal Index Number (PIN) code of India?

11. The PIN code system was introduced in India in:

12. PIN code of Supreme Court of India?

13. Which is the first Indian post office outside Indian territory?

14. Where is Postal Staff College situated in India?

15. Indian Postal Day is observed on:

16. In India Speed post was introduced in the year?

17. Post Office established at Dakshin Gangotri is under which postal Division?

18. Project launched by department of posts in 2008 to upgrade post offices in urban and rural areas, and improving service:

19. Posts are included in which List of Constitution of India?

20. First Indian to appear in Postal stamp:

21. First Indian woman to appear in Postal stamp:

22. First foreigner to appear in Indian Postal stamp:

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