World GK: Important Questions for Exams

1. Which country is known as 'Junior America'?

2. Which country celebrates August 15 as Independence day other than India?

3. Which county is known as birthplace of coffee?

4. World's largest landlocked country?

5. Which country has the National Flag named as 'Union Jack'?

6. Which African country is known as 'Eight continent'?

7. Which country has the currency 'pula' which means rain?

8. Which is the largest country in African continent?

9. First self-governing country in the world which allowed the right for womens(in 1893)to vote in parliamentary elections?

10. Which country first introduced Internet voting in the local elections?

11. The largest temple in the world, Angkor Wat is situated in the country:

12. Which country is known as 'White Russia'?

13. Which country is known as Gateway of Asia?

14. Which is the smallest country in Asia?

15. The only country in the world with three capital cities:

16. What is the new name of the island called as Formosa by Portugese that means “beautiful island” in Portuguese and Latin?

17. Land of White Elephants:

18. Smallest Republic:

19. Which country has Boot-like Shape?

20. The 'Jeans Revolution' of 2006 was in the country?

21. Which is known as "the land of the flying fish"?

22. The term 'BREXIT' is associated with the withdraw of which country from the European Union?

23. Which country has Lotus as National flower other than India?

24. Tulip Revolution of 2005 was in the country:

25. 'Jasmine Revolution' of 2010 marked the start of the Arab Spring was in the country

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