National Movement in Kerala - GK Questions

1. Who was the editor and publisher of the Malayalam daily Al-Ameen which was published from Calicut during 1929–1939?

2. Keezhariyur Bomb case in Keraka was related to which National movement?

3. Who is known as Kerala Gandhi?

4. Who is known as Mayyazhi Gandhi?

5. The Malayalam poet and a Communist revolutionary who in 1931 became the first non Namputhiri Brahmin to ring the temple bell of the Guruvayoor temple?

6. The Malabar Rebellion was in the year:

7. The Payyannur Political Conference held in May 1928 under the Presidency of:

8. Who was the founder of 'Mathrubhumi' newspaper?

9. The 2011 Malayalam film 'Veeraputhran' is based on the life of which Indian feedom fighter.

10. Who is known as Kerala Subhash Chandra Bose?

11. In which year was Vaikom Satyagraha started to establish the right for all people to walk through the temple roads?

12. First All Kerala Political Conference in April 1921 at:

13. Who presided over the All Kerala Political Conference at Ottapalam in 1921?

14. Annie Besant chaired a political conference in Malabar held at.

15. The famous Kozencherry speech of 1935 against Diwan C.P Ramaswamy was made by:

16. Who suggested the name 'Abstention Movement' for the same?

17. In which year was the Abstention movement or Nivarthana agitation?

18. Gandhiji visited Kerala to get support for the Khilafat movement in the year:

19. Gandhiji visited Vaikom Satyagraha in the year:

20. Who was the Chairman of the ‘Guruvayoor Stayagraha’ Committee?

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