Gupta Empire GK Questions for SSC Exams

Gupta Dynasty Questions Founder, Kings, Poets,Books etc
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1. The Gupta Empire was founded by:

2. Which ruler of Gupta Dynasty adopted the name 'Maharajadhiraja'?

3. Who is known as Indian Napolean?

4. Which Historian described Samudra Gupta as 'Indian Napoleon'?

5. Who was the fourth ruler of the Gupta Empire and the son and successor of Chandragupta I?

6. The Allahabad Pillar inscription or Allahabad Prasasti was composed by:

7. Harisena was the court poet of:

8. What was the language of Allahabad Prasasti?

9. Which Gupta King is depicted on coins as playing Veena?

10. Which Sanskrit poet wrote 'Devichandgraputa', a play about Ramagupta?

11. The Chinese Buddhist who visited India during the reign of Gupta emperor Chandragupta II was:

12. The title `Vikramaditya' was assumed by?

13. The government emblem of Gupta dynasty was:

14. Famous Ayurveda Physician of Gupta Age?

15. Which Gupta king organised Ashvamedha Yaga to underline the importance of his conquests?

16. Who granted permission to Buddhist king of Ceylon Meghavarman to build a monastic at Bodh Gaya?

17. Amarasimha was one of the nine gems or Navratna adorned the court of:

18. What was the name of the Lichchavi princess who Chandragupta-I married?

19. Which Gupta Emperor made Ujjain as his second capital?

20. The gold coins issued during the reign of Chandragupta Vikramaditya were known as:

21. Which Gupta emperor founded the Nalanda University?

22. Name the court poet of king Vikramaditya who wrote the Sanskrit play Vikramōrvaśīyam?

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