Indian Economy GK Questions

1. The economic planning proposed by eight leading industrialists in 1945 is known as:

2. The term 'Hindu Rate of Growth' used to characterize the slow growth and to explain it against the backdrop of socialistic economic policies, was coined by:

3. How many banks were nationalised in 1980?

4. Which five year plan was known as 'Gadgil Yojana'?

5. Which is the first Insurance company in India?

6. When was 1000 rupee note was introduced in India?

7. When was Gandhi series notes introduced in India?

8. Which organisation helps 'Self Help Groups'?

9. The book 'Planned Economy for India' was written by:

10. When did India changed to decimal system of coinage?

11. Swachh Bharat cess on all services was introduced from:

12. The Goods and Services Tax Bill or GST Bill will came into effect on:

13. Operation Flood, launched in 1970 is related to:

14. In which year India's first Agricultural census carried out?

15. Who is known as father of Indian Economics?

16. Which Indian received Nobel prize for Economics in 1998?

17. Who was the chairman of 14th Finance Commission?

18. Bonds that are issued outside India but denominated in Indian Rupees, rather than the local currency are known as:

19. Who is known as father of Green Revolution in India?

20. Who is known as father of White Revolution in India?

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