CHEMISTRY GK- Basic Questions and Answers

1. Which is the Light emitting chemical present in fire fly?
Ans : Luciferin

2. Which gas is present mostly in atmosphere?
Ans : Nitrogen

3. Basic component of Biogas.
Ans: Methane

4. Which is known as dry ice?
Ans : Solid Carbondioxide

5. Which is the chemical prsesent in Tobacco which affect lungs?
Ans : Nicotin

6. Major component of LPG.
Ans : Butane

7. Which chemical is responsible for shedding tears while cutting onion?
Ans :  Oil which contains sulphur

8. Chemical name of rust:
Ans : Hydrated iron oxide

9. Bauxite is the chief ore of:
Ans: Aluminium

10. Which substance gives red colour to human blood?
Ans : Haemoglobin

11. Which gas is used in LPG cylinders to find leakage ?
Ans : Mercapton

12. Which chemical causes foul smell of rotten eggs ?
Ans : Hydrogen Sulphide

13. Which chemical is sprinkled in clouds for artificial rain?
Ans : Silver Iodide

14. Hardest substance in Earth.
Ans : Diamond

15. Element of pencil.
Ans : Graphite

16. Which acid is present in ants?
Ans : Formic Acid

17. Which gas is responsible for green house effect?
Ans : carbon dioxide

18. Which chemical is known as Hypo?
Ans : Sodium thiosulphate

19. Which are the constituent elements of ammonia?
Ans : Nitrogen, Hydrogen

Which gas is used in Cigarette lamps?
Ans: Butane

20. Which is known as Blue vitriol?
 Ans : Copper sulphate 

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