Five Year Plans of India - GK Questions and Answers

India's Five year plans : General Knowledge Questions - PART 1
Important GK Questions on Five year plans of India : Most Repeated

First five year plan
1951 - 56
Second five year plan
1956 - 62
Third five year plan
1961 - 66
Fourth five year plan
1969 - 74
Fifth five year plan
1974 - 78
Sixth five year plan
1980 - 85
Seventh five year plan
1985 - 90
Eight five year plan
1992 - 97
Ninth five year plan
1997 - 2002
Tenth five year plan
2002 - 2007
Eleventh five year plan
2007 - 2012
Twelfth five year plan
2012 - 2017

1. First five year plan of India started in the year:

2. Which five year plan is also called Mahalanobis Plan?

3. Which five year plan was based on Harrold Domar model?

4. Which five year plan focussed on rapid industrialization- heavy & basic industries?

5. India's first five Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) were started during:

6. The 14 major Indian banks were nationalised during which five year plan?

7. The final Draft of fifth plan was prepared and launched by

8. Which Five-Year Plan laid stress on employment, poverty alleviation (Garibi Hatao), and justice?

9. Which five year plan is also known as 'Gadgil Yojana' ?

10. The plan based on John Sandy and S. Chakravarty model is:

11. The period of Rolling plan introduced by Janata Party government was:

12. The period of Plan Holiday in India was:

13. During which five year plan was the University Grants Commission (UGC) set up to take care of funding and take measures to strengthen the higher education in the country?

14. The Atomic Energy Commission of India was established during the plan:

15. The Twenty Point Programme was launched by the Government of India during the fifth plan in the year:

16. Which five year plan was in progress during the celebration 50 years of Indian Independence?

17. Green Revolution resulted in advanced agriculture in India during the plan

18. Operation Blackboard is as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme aimed at bringing about substantial improvement in the facilities of primary schools run by Government, Local Bodies and Panchayati Raj and recognised aided institutions launched during Seventh five year plan in the year:

19. Which five year plan was termed as "India's educational plan" by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh?

20. The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development(NABARD) was established by recommendation of the Shivaraman Committee during the plan:

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. The Atomic Energy Commission of India was established during the second five year plan & not in the first.

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