Rio Olympics 2016: Current Affairs Questions

2016 Rio Olympics Quiz

1. Which city hosted 2016 Summer Olympics?

2. What was the motto of 2016 Rio Olympics?

3. How many countries participated in 2016 Rio Olymoics?

4. Who was the IOC president during 2016 Rio Olympics?

5. In Rio Olympics 2016, the Olympic cauldron was lit by:

6. Which country topped the medal table in Rio Olympics?

7. Name the mascot of the 2016 Summer Olympics?

8. Which country finished second in the medal table?

9. Which were the two new sports for 2016 Olympic Games?

10. Who became the first athlete to win 9 gold medals in sprinting events of Olympics?

11. Name the 13 year old swimmer who was the youngest participant in 2016 Olympic Games ?

12. Which team defeated Germany in the football final of Rio 2016 Games ?

13. What was the position of hosts(Brazil) in the medal standings of Rio Games 2016 ?

14. Which American sportsman has the nickname 'The Baltimore Bullet'? ?

15.How many medals does Michael Phelps won in the Rio Games 2016 ?

16. Who scored the fastest goal in Olympic history by scoring after just 14 seconds in the semi final against Honduras?

17. Name the Polish Olympian who sold his Rio medal to save life of a three-year-old boy struck with cancer:

18. Who won Gold in Tennis Men's singles at Rio Olympics?

19. Which countries participated in Olympics for the first time in 2016?

20. First Gold medal winner of Rio Olympics 2016 was:

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