India in Olympics :Quiz

Important Olympics General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Exams

1. In which year did India participated in Olympics Games for the first time?

2.The Indian wrestler who won a bronze medal at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki:

3.Who is the first sportsperson to win an individual Silver for India since Norman Pritchard, who won two Silver Medals at the 1900 Paris Olympics.

4.Who is the first Indian to win an individual gold medal at the Olympic Games?

5.Who is the First Indian woman to win an Olympic medal?

6.The only Indian woman boxer to win a medal at the Olympics.

7.First Indian Gymnast to qualify for Olymoics:

8. Name the Indian professional tennis player who won a bronze medal for India in singles in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games:

9.Who is the first Indian woman to be nominated to the International Olympics Committee?

10.First Indian woman to reach olympic finals in individual track events:

11. Which Indian olympian's autobiography is titled 'Unbreakable'?

12. In sports event India have won more olympic individual medals?

13. How many Olympic Gold medal have India national field hockey team won so far?

14. First Indian woman to win a wrestling medal:

15. In which Olympics Games did India win its first Gold medal in hockey?

16. Indian Olympic Association was formed in the year:

17.Who was the first President of Indian Olympic Association?

18.Name the former Indian track and field sprinter Olympian having the nickname 'Flying Sikh'?

19.Who is known by the nickname 'Payyoli Express'?

20.Vijay Kumar won silver in 2012 London Olympics in the event:

21. Who became the first Indian woman to win silver medal in Olympics?

22. Who became the first Indian woman wrestler to win Olympics medal?

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