INDIA MAJOR PORTS: GK Questions and Answers

13 Major ports of India - Detail GK- Location - Importance

1. Kandla Port   - Gujarat:

2. Mumbai Port - Maharashtra

3. Nhava Sheva  - Maharashtra (Now known as
Jawaharlal Nehru Port)

4. Marmagao port  - Goa

5. New Mangalore Port - Karnataka

6. Cochin Port - Kerala

7. Tuticorin Port  - Tamil Nadu

8. Chennai Port   - Tamil Nadu

9. Ennore port (Corporate)- Tamil Nadu

 Port  - Andhra Pradesh

11. Paradip Port- Orissa

12. Haldia port- West Bengal

13. Port Blair- Andaman

India Geography GK Questions : Coastal area & Ports 

1. What is the length of total coastline of India:
Ans: 7516.6 km
Mainland: 5422.6 km. Island Territories: 2094 km

2. Which Indian state is having longest coastline?
Ans : Gujarat

3. What is the total number of Major ports in India?
Ans: 13 

4. How many Indian states have coastal line?
Ans: 9

5. Which state has least coastal area ?
Ans: Goa

6. Which is the Tidal Port in Gujarat ?
Ans: Kandla

7.Which is the deepest land-locked port in India ?
Ans: Visakhapatnam

8. Which is the Southern most port in India ?
Ans: Tuticorin port

9. Which is the major riverine port in the east coast of India?
Ans: Haldia

9.  Which port in India is known as 'Jewel of all ports' ?
Ans: Visakhapatnam

10. Which South Indian major port has an artificial harbour?
Ans: Chennai

11. Which is the largest port of India ?
Ans: Mumbai Port

12. Which is the major artificial deep port situated at the confluence of river Mahanadi and Bay of Bengal?
Ans: Paradip

13. India's first port in the private sector:
Ans: Port Pipavav (Gujarat)

14. Which is the largest private port of India?
Ans: Mundra Port

15. First special economic zone in India :
Ans: Kandla Port

16. Which is the only corporatised major port in India?
Ans: Ennore Port (Kamarajar Port Limited)

17. Which state in India has highest number of ports?
Ans: Maharashtra (53 ports)

18. Indian Ports Association (IPA) was constituted in the year:
Ans: 1966

19. Which is the only major port of Karnataka?
Ans: New Mangalore Port

20. Which major port in Kerala lies on two islands, Wellington and Vallarpadam?
Ans: Cochin Port

21. Which port was renamed Deendayal Port ?
Ans: Kandla Port

22. Port Trust of India was formed in the year:
Ans: 1980

23. Mazagon Dock Limited which manufactures warships and submarines for the Indian Navy is situated at:
Ans: Mumbai

24. Which Major port has an artificial lagoon type harbour?
Ans: Paradip

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