Sports : General Knowledge Objective Questions

1. Which cricket stadium is known as 'Mecca of Cricket'?

2.Who is the first Indian to win a gold medal in Asian games?

3.Who is the first Indian to win Professional Billiards World Championship? 

4.Which is the only Grandslam tournament played in clay court?

5.Hopman cup is related to which sports?

6.Casil, Rook are the terms related to: 

7.With which sports is famous sportsperson Gagan Narang related?

8.Which sportsperson has won most number of Olympic medals?

9.Name the autobiography of Indian boxer Mary Kom:

10.Which is the oldest football tournament in India?

11.Stanley cup is related to:

12.Name the first Indian Footballer to be conferred to the Asian Football Confederation Hall of fame award?

13.Eden Gardens is a stadium located in which Indian state?

14.Formula one racer Nico Rosberg belongs to which country?

15.Seema Punia is related to which sports?

16.Which South African cricketer holds the record of fastest century in ODI cricket in 31 balls?

17.Who authored the book :My Life:Queen of the Court"?

18.What country does footballer Cristiano Ronaldo play for?

19.Which team won the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup?

20.The headquarters of FIFA is at:

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