HIGH COURTS: India General Knowledge Questions and Answers-Exam Study

1. Article of the Indian constitution related to High courts for States:
Ans: Article 214

2. Which article is related to power of High Courts to issue certain writs?
Ans: Article 226

3. Who appoints High court Chief Justice?
Ans: President of India

4. Who appoints Judges of High court?
Ans: President

5. High court judge gives his resignation to:
Ans: President

6. The Judge of the High Courts in India is administered oath of office by:
Ans: Governor of State

7. What is the retiring age of High court judges?
Ans: 62

8. Salary of Chief Justice of High Court :
Ans: Rs 90000

9. Salary of Judges of High Court:
Ans: Rs 80000

10. How many High courts are there in India(as on 2016)?
Ans: 24

11. Which Part of Indian Constitution is related to High Court?
Ans: Part VI

12..Which High court has most number of Judges?
Ans: Allahabad High Court(Uttar Pradesh)

13.Which is the only high court in India with jurisdiction over two States and two Union Territories?
Ans: Mumbai High Court
(Mumbai High Court has  jurisdiction over the states of Maharashtra and Goa, and, the Union Territories of Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli)

14. Which is the oldest High Court in India?
Ans: Kolkata High Court (Established on 1 July 1862)

15. Which High court in India has largest jurisdiction in terms of states?
Ans: Gauhati High Court (Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland & Mizoram)

16. Who is the first woman in India to become a high court judge?
Ans: Anna Chandi

17. First woman Chief Justice of High Court?
Ans: Leila Seith

18. Andaman Nicobar Islands are under the jurisdiction of which high court?
Ans: Kolkata High Court

19. Which High Court has termed reservation in promotions in the state as unconstitutional?
Ans: Madhya Pradesh High Court

20. The Union Territory of Lakshadweep comes under the jurisdiction of high court of:
Ans: Kerala High court

21. The only Union Territory which has a High Court of its own is:
Ans: Delhi High court

22. Last formed high court in India:
Ans: Tripura High Court (Established on 23 March 2013)

23. India's first e-court(Paperless) was opened in July 2016 at :
Ans: Hyderabad High Court
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Important set of gk questions on high courts in India. If you add explanation with answer then it will be really helpful for exam aspirants.

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