Buddhism: GK Questions for SSC,UPSC PSC Exams

1.What was Buddha's original name?
 Ans: Siddhartha

2.Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism was born in the year:
 Ans: BC 563

3. Gautama Buddha was born in the place: 
 Ans: Lumbini near Kapilavastu.

4. Name of father of Gautama Buddha
 Ans: Suddodhana

5. Who was the Mother of Gautama Buddha?
 Ans: Mayadevi.

6. Who is known as Light of Asia ?
 Ans: Gautama Buddha?

7. Who was the foster Mother of Gautama Buddha? 
 Ans: Prajapati Gautami (His aunt)

8. Who was the wife of Gautama Buddha?
Ans: Yasodhara

9. What was name of horse of Gautama Buddha?
Ans: Kanthaka

10. Who was the son of Buddha?
 Ans: Rahula

11. Gautama Buddha got enlightment at the age of :
 Ans: 30

12.Where did Buddha attain enlightenment?
 Ans: Bodh Gaya

13. Who donated the Jetavana monastery to Buddha?
 Ans: Anathapindada

14. Nirvana means:
Ans: Enlightment of Buddha

15. Buddha is said to have attained Enlightenment at Bodh Gaya on sitting under which tree?
Ans: Pipal tree

16. Which king offered Siddhartha the throne ?
Ans: Bimbisara

17. Who is the author of the book 'The Light of Asia' which tells the story of Buddha in poetic form?
Ans: Edwin Arnold

18. 'Buddhacharita' is an epic poem in the Sanskrit mahakavya style on the life of Gautama Buddha by :
 Ans: Asvaghosha

19. In which year Buddha die?
Ans: 483 BC

20. Where did Buddha die?
Ans:  Kushinagar

21. Four Noble Truths are part of which religion?
 Ans: Buddhism

22. Who convened the first Buddhist council in 400BC ?
Ans: Ajatasatru

23. Where did the first Buddhist council took place?
 Ans: Rajgriha

24. In which year was the second Buddhist council?
Ans:  383 BC

25. Venue of second Buddhist council was:
Ans: Vaishali

26. Second Buddhist council held under the presidency of:
Ans: Sabakami

27. Second Buddhist council held under the patronage of the king:
Ans: Kalasoka

28. Third buddhist council held under the patronage of king Asoka in the year:
Ans: 250 BC

29. Who presided over  Third Buddhist council?
Ans: Moggaliputta

30. Fourth Buddhist council was held at Kashmir under the patronage of the king:
Ans: Kanishka

 31. Who presided over the fourth Buddhist council held at Kashmir?
Ans: Vasumitra

32. Fifth Buddhist Council took place in 1871 under the patronage of King Mindon held at:
Ans: Mandalay, Burma

33. During which Buddhist council Buddhism was divided into two sects Mahayana and Hinayana?
Ans: Third Buddhist Council

34. Sixth Buddhist Council was held in 1954 at:
Ans; Kaba Aye, Burma

36. The religious books of Buddhism were written in which language?
 Ans: Pali or Prakrit
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