Indian History GK: Objective Questions - Hard Nuts

1. Which is considered to be the 'Bible of Arya Samaj'?

2. Who codified the R.S.S doctrine in his booklet 'We'?

3. Who coined the term 'Quit India'?

4. Which princely state resembled 'Ramarajya' according to Gandhi?

5. Who attempted to assassinate Governor of Bengal Sir Stanley Jackson in a convocation ceremony?

6. Which Bill aimed to bring Indian and European magistracy on equal footing?

7.  Which Viceroy of British India introduced Ilbert Bill in 1883?

8. Who became the leader of opposition in Central Legislative Assembly in 1923?

9. Who authored 'The Story of my Deportation'?

10. Who called Bal Gangadhar Tilak as 'Father of unrest'?

11. Who became the principal of National College in Kolkata founded during Swadeshi Movement?

12. Who authored Gandhiji's favourite prayer 'Vaishnava Janato'?

13,  Which Act regularised the working hour for the women in factories?

14. Which Act separated India and Burma Aden from India?

15. Who along with Bulabhai Desai resigned from Congress in Opposition to Quit India Movement?

16. Name the Urdu-Persian poet who was an eye witness of the revolt of 1857 at Delhi ?

17. Name the organization founded by M.Viraraghavachari, Ananda Charley and Subramanya Aiyyer in 1884 ?

18. Who called the Karachi Resolution of 1931 as ‘A Government on Russian model’ ?

19. Who invited Gandhiji to visit Champaran in 1917 ?

20. Who started the Self Respect Movement in Tamil Nadu?

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