Kerala - General Awareness Question and Answers

Kerala Facts - GK Questions for PSC Exams.

1. Which is the first joint stock company in Kerala?
 Ans: Malayala Manorama

2. In which year Kottayam town got complete literacy?
  Ans: 25th June 1989

3. Where is the first Rubber park in Kerala situated?
  Ans: Airapuram (Ernakulam)

4. Which is the first tourist village in Kerala?
  Ans: Kumbalangy (Ernakulam)

5. Where is the headquarters of Travancore Rayons?
  Ans: Perumbavoor

6.  In which year Cochin Stock Exchange was started?
  Ans: 1978

7. The first Community Reserve in kerala?
  Ans: Kadalundi- Vallikkunnu

8. First woman Chancellor of Kerala?
  Ans: Jancy James

9. The Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station (TERLS) dedicated to UN in
  Ans: 1968 February 2

10. Who is the architect of Punalur Suspension bridge?
  Ans: Albert  Henry

11. Which is the first Sidha village in kerala?
  Ans: Chanthiroor

12. Where is the Avian Disease Diagnostic centre situated?
  Ans: Manjadi (Thiruvalla)

13. Which is the first electricity producing Grama panchayat in Kerala?
  Ans: Mamkulam

14. Which place is known as 'Gateway of  Thekkadi'?
  Ans: Kumali

15. First Bio-village in Kerala?
  Ans: Udumbannoor (Idukki)

16. Where is the first Labour bank in Kerala located?
  Ans: Akathethara (Palakkad)

17. Who is the first Malayalee woman to become the Chief Justice of Kerala High Court?
  Ans: K K Usha

18. Which tourist place is known as 'Switzerland of Kerala'?
  Ans: Vagamon

19. Which place is known as 'Gateway of Wayanad'?
  Ans: Lakkidi

20. Which place is known as 'Vrindavan of Kerala'?
  Ans: Malampuzha

21. The first wax museum in Kerala was established at?
  Ans: Kumali

22. Which temple in Wayanad is known as 'Southern Gaya'?
  Ans: Thirunelli

23. The district with highest sex ratio as per 2011 census?
  Ans: Kannur

24. The diesel pwer plant Nallalam is situated in which district of Kerala?
  Ans: Kozhikode

25, Adyanpara waterfalls is located at?
 Ans: Malappuram district

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