India Information Technology GK Questions and Answers

1. Who is known as Father of the Indian Software Industry?
  Ans: F C Kohli

2. Which city is known as 'Silicon Valley of India'?
 Ans: Bengaluru

3.Which is India's first supercomputer?
 Ans: Param 8000

4. Who is known as Father of Information Technology in India?
  Ans: Rajiv Gandhi

5. Who is known as Father of the Indian Super Computer?
  Ans: Vijay Bhatkar

6. Anupam series of Supercomputers are developed by:
  Ans: BARC

7. The Indian Super Computer Saga 220 was developed by:
  Ans: ISRO

8. Which is India's first indigenously built Web browser?
  Ans: Epic

9. The company that developed Epic browser is :
 Ans: Hidden Reflex, Bengaluru

10. India's first private Internet Service provider:
 Ans: Satyam Infoway Ltd

11. Which is the first computer made in India?
  Ans: Siddharth (manufactured by Electronics corporation of India)

12. First Bank to get online facility in India:
  Ans: HDFC

13. In which year was the IT act enacted?
 Ans: 2000

14.  Which is the first cyber crime police station in India?
 Ans: Bengaluru

15. First Technopark in India was started at:
 Ans: Thiruvananthapuram

16. Which is the first state to introduce email system in Government Office?
  Ans: Goa

17. Which is the first IT University in India?
  Ans: J.P University 

18. First Indian Newspaper to be available on Internet is:
  Ans: The Hindu

19. 'Digital India' is a campaign launched by the Government of India in
 Ans: 1 July 2015

20. First pollution free Computerizerd Petrol pump in India is in:
  Ans: Mumbai
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