ACIDS: Chemistry GK Questions and Answers

Most Repeated Important Questions about asked in various competitive Exams.

1. Which is the element common to all acids?
 Ans: Hydrogen

2. Which acid is present in Lemon?
 Ans: Citric acid

3. Which acid is known as oil of Vitriol?
Ans: Sulphuric acid

4. What is known as 'king of chemicals' ?
 Ans: Sulphuric acid

5. Which gas is usually liberated when an acid reacts with a metal?
 Ans: Hydrogen

6. Name the acid present in tomato.
 Ans: Oxalic acid

7. Which acid is present in colas?
 Ans: Phosphoric acid

8. Glass dissolves in ____ acid?
 Ans: Hydrofluoric acid

9. What is the scientific name of Aspirin?
 Ans: Acetyl salicylic acid

10. Which chemical is used as eyewash?
 Ans: Boric acid

11.The acid stored in batteries is:
Ans: Sulphuric acid

12. Aqua regia which can dissolve the noble metals gold and platinum is a mixture of:
Ans:  Nitric acid and hydrochloric acid in a molar ratio of 1:3

13. Which acid is also known as Muriatic acid?
Ans: Hydrochloric acid
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