Highlights of 2011 Socio Economic and Caste Census(SECC)

Important facts of Socio Economic and Caste Census 2011

SECC 2011 is unique paperless census
This is the first caste census done in Independent India
The last caste census that happen in India is 1932
Total households in the country -------- 24.39 crore
The total households in villages -------- 17.91 crore
How many crore households are considered as deprived in rural area--------- 10.69 crore
How many families living in villages belong to SC/ST categories ------ 21.53% or 3.86 crore
Highest number of SC population ----------Punjab(36.74%)
Highest number of ST population------Mizoram(98.79)
Highest mobile penetration state in rural areas---- Uttar Pradesh
Lowest mobile Penetration state in rural areas------- Chattisgarh
How many rural household earn below 5000 rupees month-----------13.34 cr
How many rural household earn 10000 and more----------------1.48 cr
Which state has highest number of manual scavenger -----Tripura
Which state has zero manual scavenger ----Delhi
How much percent of rural households in the country pay income tax -------------4.58%
How many households in rural areas are landless ------------ 5.37 crore or 29.97%
In which state landless household is higher ------ Kerala
Which states with the lowest rates of landlessness ----J &K and Himachal Pradesh
How many families in villages that live in houses of one room with ‘kaccha’ walls and roof ----- 2.37 crore or 13.25%
How many house holds in rural areas has land line phone ------------ 17.85 lak or 1%
How many household having mobile phone in villages------------------12.24 cr or 68.35%
How many illiterate number of people in rural areas--------------3.1 cr or 17.31%
How many rural household having refrigerator ------1.97 cr or 11.04%
How many rural household paying income tax in india----- 6%
How many rural people have considered deprived or poor----------8.96 cr
No adult member in household between age 18 and 59 in rural areas -------65.15 lac or 3.64%
Female headed household with no adult male member between 16 and 59 in rural areas ------ 68.96 lakh or 3.85%
Member with no other able bodied adult member ----7.16 lac or 040%
Households with no literate adult above age 25 years in areas -----------4.21 cr or 23.52%
How many rural household with one salaried member ---------- 2.50 cr
Average size of a rural Indian household ------4.93
Highest size of a rural Indian household -----6.28 ---------Uttar Pradesh
Lowest size of a rural Indian household -----3.86 ----Andhra pradesh
How many percent of trans gender in rural population ----------0.1%
Highest rural illiterate ----Rajasthan
Lowest rural illiterate -----Kerala
The percentage of Scheduled Caste (SC) households paying income tax ------3.49%
Scheduled Tribe (ST) tax-paying rural households ----------3.34%
Manual casual labour in rural areas----9.16 cr
Cultivation in rural areas---------------5.39cr
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