Uses of Convex Lens,Concave Lens,Convex Mirrors,Concave Mirrors

Lenses and Mirrors Applications Study for Exams - Optics,Physics

Applications of Lens and Mirrors

S.I unit of power of lens: Dioptre. It is denoted by the letter D.
One dioptre is the power of a lens whose focal length is 1 metre.

Lens used in short sight(Myopia) - Concave Lens
Lens used in long sight(Hypermetropia) - Convex Lens
Lens used for Astigmatism - Cylindrical Lens
Lens used in telescope- Convex lens

Mirror used in Supermarkets- Convex mirrors
Lens used as Rear View mirrors- Convex mirror
Mirror used as Streetlight reflectors - Convex mirrors
Mirror used in making lenses of sunglasses- Convex Mirror

Mirror used in headlights of cars and other vehicles- Concave mirror
Mirror used in torch light - Concave mirror
Mirror used as magnifying- Concave mirror
Mirror used by Dentist and ENT doctors - Concave mirrors
Mirror used in Electron microscope-  Concave mirrors
Mirror used in Solar cooker - Concave mirror
Mirror used as Shaving mirror - Concave mirror

Glass used as Optical glass -Flint glass

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