Kudumbasree, Mahila Samridhi Yojana | Social Welfare Schemes for Women-Notes


Launched on : 17 May 1998 in Malappuram

Objectives:  Empowerment of women, through forming self-help groups and encouraging their entrepreneurial or other wide range of activities.

  • It is a female-oriented, community-based, poverty reduction project of Government of Kerala.
  • Kudumbashree means prosperity of the family in Malayalam.
  • The grassroots of Kudumbashree are Neighbourhood Groups (NHG).
  • Controlled by a state level office headed by an  IAS officer and at district level a District Mission Team.
  • It is the largest women movement in Asia with a membership of 41 lakhs representing equal number of families.
  • 'Kudumbashree'  has got a three-tier Community Based Organisation (CBO) is in action.
  • NHG,is the lowest tier  consisting of 20-40 women members selected from economically backward families
  • ADS (Area Development Society) is the second tier which is formed at ward level by federating all the NHGs in the ward.
  • CDS (Community Development Society) is the top tier in the 3-Tier structure.

Mahila Samridhi Yojana(MSY) 

Launched on: 2nd October 1993

Objectives :Empowering the rural women through building thrift habit, self-reliance and confidence.

Beneficiaries: Rural women of 18 or above age

  • Under this plan, the rural women of 18 years of above age can open their saving account in the rural post office of their own area with a minimum Rs. 4 or its multiplier.  
  • On the amount not withdrawn for 1 year, 25% of the deposited amount is given to the depositor by the government in the form of encouragement amount.  Such accounts opened under the scheme account opened under the scheme account opened under the scheme are provided 25% bonus with a maximum of Rs.300 every year.
  • Microcredit upto Rs. 25000 for the beneficiaries of MSY with an interest of 4%.

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