British India Governor Generals and Viceroys-GK Questions

British India History Questions-Dalhousie,Irwin,Mountbatten

1. Who was the first Viceroy of India?

Lord Caning

2, Which Governor General established Supreme court in Kolkata in 1773?

Lord Hardinge

3. Which Indian Viceroy cancelled  Bengal partition?

Lord Hardinge

4. Who is known as father of Self government in India?

Lord Rippon

5. Which Governor General introduced Railway  for the first time in India in 1853?


6. First Governor General of British India?

William Bentick

7. First Governor gerneral of free India?

Lord Mountbatten

8, Which Governor general introduced English education in India?

Lord William Bentinck

9. Which Governor abolished Sati?

William Bentinck

10. Which Indian Viceroy announced partition of Bengal in 1905?

Lord Curzon

11. Who was the Viceroy of India during formation of Indian national congress in 1885?

Lord Dufferin

12, Durinfg which viceroy was Rowlatt Act and Montague-Chelmsford reforms passed?

Lord Chelmsford

13.Gandhi-Irwin pact was signed in  the year:


14. Indian viceroy during second and third round table conferences?

Lord Willington

15. Who was the last Viceroy of British India?

Lord Mountbatten

16.Morley-Minto reforms were  passed during Lord Minto in year :


17. Civil service in India was established by :

Lord Cornwallis

18. Who introduced permanent settlement in Bengal?

Lord Cornwallis

19. Indian constitution was established in India during the rule of :

Lord Willington

20. Posts and telegraphs was introduced in India during the Governor General:

Lord Dalhousie

21. First census in India was during Lord Rippon in the year :


22. First Medical college was started in Kolkata by the viceroy:

Lord Willian Bentinck

23. Which Viceroy organised the Grand 'Delhi Durbar' in 1877 to decorate Queen Victoria with title of Kaiser-I-Hind?

Lord Lytton

24. During which viceroy Simon Commission visited India in 1928?

Lord Irwin

25.Who was the viceroy of India during Quit India Movement in 1942?

Lord Linlithgow

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first governor general of India is Willium Bentic. Waren Hastings is the first governor general of Bengal.

Isn't the answer is Warren Hastings?

Answer for question number 2 is incorrect

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